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Designing and equipping of recreational facilities

Within this category, we offer our services related to objects such as:

  • theme parks
  • amusement parks
  • playgrounds
  • water parks
  • zoological gardens
  • museums and exhibitions
  • leisure and recreation centres

Comprehensive service

We offer the following package of services:

  • development of the object concept, including drawing ideas for attractions according to the goals and theme of the object, their coordination, visualization and location - layout (such solution allows to get the effect of total adventure while visiting the object)
  • preparation of plans, performance of visualization as well as construction and executive designs
  • designs, production and furnishing the object with attractions and all other recreational facilities that have been pre-planned and those that are created during the implementation


Our offer includes sculptures, installations and figures (e.g. large fruits, animals, famous people), elements and complex set decorations (such as sculptures/statues for outdoor display), figures and installations for sliding down or climbing (tunnels, labyrinths, climbing walls for children and adults, water slides) or groups of fairy figures.

We also create fairytale and themed figures being the equipment of shops, ice cream parlours, bars and other points of sale or service, related to the specific activities of such facilities, e.g. equipped with additional special effects such as lighting, movement, sound effects or fragrances.

We also fulfil orders for equipment of carousels with: gondolas, chairs, statues and elements of fairytale and recreational nature.

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